Building in the open

While working on my new project, Sitemappr, I want to make an attempt to build it in the open so people can get an idea for what the process is like. I'm going to try my best not to self-censor/edit and show you the real nitty gritty of things.

I've got 2 (maybe 3) ways I'll do this right now:

  1. Sharing updates on this post. Most updates aren't going to be particularly informative on their own, so instead of spamming my own blog I'm just going to continuously update this post.
  2. Have a public Trello board for the work I'm doing.
  3. Livestream on Twitch (or Youtube?). I'm less certain about this one as I've never livestreamed before, but I figured it might be fun to try.

March 22, 2021

Today I'm spending a bit of time planning out the next steps for Sitemappr. I have a long term feature set I'm aiming for, but there's a lot of void in between there and where it is now. I set up a public Trello board to act as a basic Kanban system, and populated it with a few tickets for some real obvious tasks.