Big Muff Eurorack Conversion, Pt. 2

Check out part one first!

New Potentiometers

New pots

The reason for my Big Muff not being used in the first place was the real old potentiometers making a lot of unneeded noise when using it. Unfortunately replacement pots of the same size are really hard to come by. Instead I decided to use the standard size pots (you can see the difference in the pic above) and just make the panel holes bigger to accommodate them.

First pot replaced

Replacing the pots was simple enough - cut the wires, solder on the new ones, done.

The only outlier was that yellow wire - I have no idea what it's supposed to connect too! Regardless, it worked out fine. Check out the crunchy results in the clip below.

Part 3: Changing the switch and connecting to a Eurorack power supply;