The State of My Resolutions, Feb 2015

In order to keep tabs on the progress of my resolutions for 2015, I'm going to try and do a writeup at the end of each month to see how I've gone.

Learn Malay

This resolution if going very well. I've managed to put in at least 30 minutes of study for 4 out of 5 days in January, and my word count is at about 250.

Get a tattoo

Haven't got a tattoo yet - I'm still dwelling on what to get (and where).

Write a book

No progress on this yet, though I have some concepts for a story floating around in my head.

Make a book

This is coming along pretty well. The content of the book I'm putting together, is about 75% done.

Release an app

I've been hemming and hawing over this one. Today I'm going to have another crack at getting started.

Make candles

No progress on this.

Be debt free

Definitely no progress in this. I'm still awaiting my first pay day for my new job.

Go on a long-distance cycling trip

Same as above, waiting for pay to purchase a bike.

Start a band, play shows, release music

I've been playing guitar, but yet to start playing with other people.

Get in touch with people

Nope nope nope, failing hard on this one. I'm going to start thoroughly tracking this in the hopes I've getting better at it.

Don't use electronics thirty minutes before I sleep

Not to great at this. Sometimes I do, but I would say it's only 25% of the time.

Make maps

No progress on this.