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🌱 Seedling2 min read

Inspired by Artur Piszek's bucketlist. I started writing this on October 30, 2021 - I've done lot's of cool stuff in my life before then, but I'm not going to cover it all here 😁



Going to do

  • BL1 Go on a long-distance motorcycle trip.
  • BL2 Go on a long-distance cycling trip.
  • BL3 Write a book
  • BL4 Visit Italy
  • BL5 Record and release an album
  • BL6 Play D&D with my kid(s)
  • BL7 Go on a road-trip alone with my kid(s)
  • BL8 Release a SaaS product.
  • BL9 Run a D&D campaign in my own world.
  • BL10 Make US$1000 passive income in a month.
  • BL11 Work in a co-op company.
  • BL12 Go fully vegetarian
  • BL13 Create a home cocktail bar
  • BL14 Visit Iceland and see the Northern Lights
  • BL15 Live in Japan for a while
  • BL16 Contribute to a museum or some sort of historical conservation project
  • BL17 Create a family tree that goes back at least 3 generations (for my wife's family too)
  • BL18 Own a home that runs fully on renewable energy
  • BL19 Go camping with my kid(s)
  • BL20 Build and release a video game (of any size/scope)
  • BL21 Make it a habit to only buy things that last a long time/can be easily repaired
  • BL22 Publish 1000 blog posts
  • BL23 Create a will
  • BL24 Have a screen-free digital detox weekend
  • BL25 Speak at a conference
  • BL26 Become a regular at a coffee shop
  • BL27 Make kimchi
  • BL28 Build a guitar
  • BL29 Measure my carbon emissions
  • BL30 Take a sabbatical at Recurse Center or something similar
  • BL31 Explore using solar power at home


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