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There are three ways in which participants can contribute to a meeting: 1) input, 2) decision, 3) commitment. If a person cannot make any of these three contributions, don’t invite the person because this person just needs to be informed by broadcasting the meeting notes. 1

I think this is something I'd like to move towards running a remote team. Currently the default for a lot of meetings is to invite the whole team/groups of people, but this is mostly just for knowledge sharing which can be achieved by good note taking instead (which is more beneficial anyone as it creates a concrete record of decisions/direction).

The "commitment" part is the most unclear to me, but I like Mike Crittenden's explanation that it "means you cannot move forward without that specific person committing (even if they disagree)". 2

Stop calling meetings so you can simply organize your own thoughts with witnesses .3

I've been guilty of this, and I work with people who are guilty of this. I think this is relevant to the quote further up of the reasons to be part of a meeting - noticeably information sharing is not one of them. I think for a successful remote working organisation (even non-remote!) this is key, and that knowledge sharing should be done as asynchronously as possible. Meetings are ephemeral and there will be loss of knowledge.



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