Morning routines

🌱 Seedling1 min read

Over the years I've tried to have different morning routines to varying success. In the latest episode of the Bike Shed, co-host Steph Viccari mentioned her approach to a morning routine is to ensure that it:

...connect[s] to the part of you that makes you feel happy to be alive...

This seems blindingly obvious in hindsight, but in the past I've always tried to make morning rituals featuring things that I think I'm supposed to be doing; exercise, meditation, etc. Enjoyment was never really a criteria.

I'm not going to lay out a new morning routine here, as I need some time to mull it over, and life with a 1 year old doesn't exactly play nicely with routines. One thing I might try is to switch out my usual Twitter doomscrolling for perusing my RSS feeds with breakfast instead - something I used to do back in the Google Reader days. Learning from others is one of my joys in life, so I think that fits nicely.


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