Select all + delete

Sometimes you just need a clean slate. I guess this is an inverse of choice paradox. My impetus for writing this is dealing with my todo list app of choice, Todoist, and the large number of overdue tasks. I generally don't put dates on task unless there is an actual hard deadline, but I do have a number of recurring tasks that will show up as being overdue. I find myself getting into a cycle where all I can accomplish is catching up on those overdue recurring tasks and not accomplishing the higher-level work that I'd like to be doing.

At my current job we have the concept of a "zero bug policy". It's a bit of clickbait name, but essentially we say that if a bug has not been fixed or is not in the process of being fixed within 3 weeks of being reported, then it is removed from our bug backlogs. The idea behind this is that a truly important issue will come up again in the future, and it'll save us the mental energy of having to always see that one bug in the backlog that we never get round to fixing because it only happens when all the proverbial planets align.

So I feel like I need to apply a "zero bug policy" to a bunch of different areas in my life sometime - remove everything and let the important parts float back to the top.