Digital detox - week 1

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I've now been doing the digital detox for eight days and it's been an enlightening experience. I'd say I've managed to keep mostly on track. I didn't completely drop podcasts, and I spent a little time today watching Youtube, but other than those two I've stuck closely to my goals.

It's probably been a more difficult experience than it should have been due to my current circumstances. In his book Cal Newport recommends having particular projects to default too when feeling the urge to browse Twitter or read the news or whatever the particular habit is. I had these in place as I had a week's vacation planned for last week.

Unfortunately it coincided with my daughter getting sick and having to stay home from kindergarten, and I was able to spend much time working on those projects. It was still a fruitful week though, as I was able to observe some of the habits and patterns I had (most noticeably the habit of pulling out my phone at a moment's silence or boredom).