Ephemera - 1st February, 2015

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I've been letting this slide for the last few weeks, so time for a roundup of what I've been consuming and enjoying .


Ten Years of Podcasting: Fighting Human Nature by Matt Haughey

Great commentary on the state of podcasting a decade in. Matt Haughey has a number of suggestions for how we can improve the technological aspects or podcasts, most of which I, as a podcaster, completely agree with. My hope is that we start to see some of these appear soon. Haughey also wrote a nice follow up article to this one, so give that a go to.

The Years of Rice and Salt by Kim Stanley Robinson

Alternate history is not usually in my wheelhouse (actual history is compelling enough for me), but Robinson's epic tale of a world where Europe is wiped out by the Black Plague is much more than your standard alternate history novel. With the Buddhist concept of reincarnation at its core, The Years of Rice and Salt follows a number of characters through different reincarnations over the centuries. Each life allows Robinson to play with the form of his writing and inject cutting social, religious, and political commentary into the story, making for a enjoyable, if difficult at times, read.


Twerps - Range Anxiety

Labelled dolecore by some commentators, Twerps to me are tapping in to a uniquely antipodean vein of music with forbearers in the Go-Betweens or the Dunedin bands of the 1980s. Range Anxiety is a really strong second album from this Melbourne band, and while I've only had it a day or two I wholeheartedly recommend it.


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