Ephemera - 29th January, 2018


The Line 6 DL4 Is Quietly the Most Important Guitar Pedal of the Last 20 Years

A really interesting article on a guitar pedal I always dismissed as plastic trash. For some reason Line6 products have always put me off, but apparently a lot of my favourite artists knew better. Battles have used over a dozen of them!

On being an Engineering Manager

I'm not quite an engineering manager - being one member of a team of two makes that a little hard - however over the last year I have been transitioning into a role that includes certain responsibilities that an engineering manager would need to take on. Rui Peres has also been making that transition and he gives some nice insights into the trials and tribulations that can pop up.

The Real Future of Work

This article makes the argument that the gig economy is just another step in the ongoing erosion of worker's rights and is in itself nothing particularly new. An in-depth look into an issue that is likely going to be one of the defining social changes of the 21st century.


Why We Bleep Podcast 001: Tom Whitwell

Oh yes! Mylar Melodies, one of my favourite synth YouTubers, has just started a long-form interview series talking to the people behind electronic instruments. The first episode features the wonderful Tom Whitwell aka Music Thing Modular.

How to Make a Eurorack Module

Another one from the Mylar Melodies YouTube channel, though this one is just a recording of a talk given by James Carruthers of NoBots. The talk walks through the process of designing and shipping a Eurorack module and I think it may have planted a seed in me to do one myself some day.