Ephemera - 12th February, 2018

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The Rise of China and the Fall of the ‘Free Trade’ Myth

Pankaj Mishra is an author I always love to read so it was nice to stumble upon this NY Times Magazine article from him. It's a divisive but intriguing take on the economic rise of the great nations. From my on the ground experience in China I feel like he might be paving over some of the more free-wheeling capitalistic tendencies that can be found in China at the moment or in the last two decades, but in general I'd agree with his main assertions.

Principles of Adult Behaviour

With the passing this week of John Perry Barlow, this list of "life lessons" seemed quite apt.


Altered Carbon

Damn this show was awesome. The story is a little weak at some points, but they absolutely nailed the cyber-punk aesthetic and the acting is pretty top notch all around. Highly recommended.

EEVblog #186 - Soldering Tutorial Part 3 - Surface Mount

Just a great video on how to surface mount solder. I've got a Hot Air Rework station sitting in my workshop ready for its first use and I've been feeling a bit nervous about it. This tutorial has definitely helped to allay some of those worries.


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