Ephemera - 19th January, 2019


We have the techno-logy: building a Eurorack system for live techno]

Noise Engineering has put together an overview of what you need in a Eurorack system to make banging techno (with two Basimilus Iteritas Alters of course!). I'm going to be cribbing some ideas for my setup from here over the coming week.

Assorted novels from Robert Jackson Bennett

Over the holiday period I read 4 novels from American fantasy author Robert Jackson Bennett. I started with Foundryside, which plays out as a fantasy story parsed through a cyber-punk heist caper. It's a truly intriguing story and I'm pretty keen to read the next entry in the series later this year.

After that I went back and read Bennett's The Divine Cities trilogy. The world-building here was also fascinating, delving into elements of colonialism and religion. While the pacing was as tight as in Foundryside, I still found it an enjoyable read.