Ephemera - 30th May, 2019


TypeScript 3.0: The unknown Type

I'm immediately going to start using the `unknown` type in my TypeScript projects after learning about it in this post from @mariusschulz. No more using `any` when I'm a little unsure of how to type data coming from the server!

const assertions are the killer new TypeScript feature

"killer new feature" generally feels too hyperbolic for me, but in this case I kind of agree. We've been using const assertions at work while building a component library and it massively reduces the number of interfaces we'd usually write.

Building that admin dashboard

Building admin tools can be surprisingly hard! One of my colleague's at Fishbrain has written a great blog post on some of the challenges we've faced doing just that.


Steevio - Forgotten Futures

A Eurorack hero of mine. Steevio's jazzy techno tunes are all the more impressive for knowing that they're being constructed on the fly.


Fun with React Hooks - Michael Jackson and Ryan Florence

I really came away from these two talks with a much more comprehensive understanding of React hooks, plus some great new ideas on how I could use them in my own work.