The State of My Resolutions, April 2015

In order to keep tabs on the progress of my resolutions for 2015, I'm going to try and do a write up at the end of each month to see how I've gone.

Learn Malay

I only missed nine days of study this month. My week point seems to be the weekends, as I missed almost all of them in March.

Get a tattoo

No progress.

Write a book

No progress.

Make a book

No progress.

Release an app

Back to square one on this. Rethinking whether I want to spend time working on Android stuff.

Make candles

No progress.

Be debt free

Paid off a chunk of my credit, still a way to go though.

Go on a long-distance cycling trip

No progress.

Start a band, play shows, release music

No progress.

Get in touch with people

Been doing much better this month, with the aim of chatting with someone different everyday.

Don't use electronics thirty minutes before I sleep

Not doing so well on this. I tried to start meditating before sleep, but I'm not too great at meditation it seems. My aim is start getting at least 15 minutes of meditation in every night.

Make maps

No progress.