The State of My Resolutions, June 2015

In order to keep tabs on the progress of my resolutions for 2015, I'm going to try and do a writeup at the end of each month to see how I've gone.

Learn Malay

I've really fallen behind on studying Malay. The key to getting back at it will be to start waking up at 6 again and working on it.

Get a tattoo

No progress.

Write a book

No progress.

Make a book

I've done a bit of design work on this in the last week or so. Hopefully I can get it polished off by the end of this month.

Release an app

No progress.

Make candles

No progress.

Be debt free

A little progress.

Go on a long-distance cycling trip

No progress.

Start a band, play shows, release music

No progress.

Get in touch with people

Still not doing this as frequently as I'd like.

Don't use electronics thirty minutes before I sleep

Still failing.

Make maps

I've been able to do a lot more of this in the last week. I've been collecting language data and am close to finishing off the Americas.