The State of My Resolutions, November 2015

1 min read

So at this point in time my new year resolutions have kind of fallen by the wayside. Some of them are unlikely to happen by the end of the year, while others I've lost interest in. I'm not going to hold my self to the latter as there's no point doing something I'd rather not do. The tattoo thing I'm on the fence about (mainly I don't know what I would get), the candles thing is over (Ikea candles work just fine), and I've been too preoccupied to work on maps or do much writing.

Two things I have been doing in the last month is working on a new Frequency Asia project, which I guess could be considered an app, and getting in contact with people a lot more often. I've also started playing around with this method to better manage my time. I like how it's going so far.


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