The State of My Resolutions, September 2015

In order to keep tabs on the progress of my resolutions for 2015, I'm going to try and do a write up at the end of each month to see how I've gone.

Learn Malay

I haven't really studied much Malay in the last month. I need to get in the swing of doing it when I wake up.

Get a tattoo

No progress.

Write a book

I'm doing a bit of writing about the Atom editor, with the idea of compiling the articles into an E-book once I have written enough.

Make a book

No progress.

Release an app

Back to square one again. I'm stuck in the cycle of trying to identify a killer app, or at the very least something I'd want to use.

Make candles

I no longer intend to complete this project.

Be debt free

A wee bit of progress on this one.

Go on a long-distance cycling trip

No progress.

Start a band, play shows, release music

Good progress on this one. I've released two tracks under the Dallol moniker this month. I'm far from being able to perform live, but I'm getting there hopefully.

Get in touch with people

Doing a bit better on this this month, though I'm starting to realise that half the problem is that my friends are too much like me in this regards.

Don't use electronics thirty minutes before I sleep

A mixed month in relation to this goal. I haven't been sleeping well as of late, so maybe I need to double down on this.

Make maps

No progress.