Splitting up a .zshrc file

1 min read

I've being using ZSH as my default shell for probably about 6 or 7 years now. I've been carting around a .zshrc config file for about that long. I store it in Dropbox and symlink it to the home directory on the machines I use. This has generally worked quite well, but recently I've run into a particular issue.

In the past I've always shared a computer for work and personal use, but I'm in the process of setting up a new computer for personal use only so I can have a stricter separation between work and personal life. When it came to syncing my .zshrc file however, I noticed that there were certain things in the file such as AWS credentials for work that I didn't really want to have on my personal machine. The solution was pretty straightforward, however. I split my config file into three files: zshrc_personal, zshrc_work, and zshrc_shared. The first two files would contain any config commands specific to those contexts and then one line of the special source (pun intended 😜):

source ~/Dropbox/config/ohmyzsh/zshrc_shared

This line imports the contents of zshrc_shared, so I can share config commands between both environments. Very handy!


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